Wearing the fishnet pants...

People often ask me as a Mistress what puts me in the mood and what my personal style for playing/doing a scene is.

As for what gets me in the mood...that's easy, a very submissive male. A good sub who says all the right things can have me thinking of him for days. Just hearing something along the lines of; You own me, I am yours, Anything you wish, it all pleases me. I am also a very visual person (perhaps this is where my Photography passion is fueled from) but if I lay down and imagine the things I am going to do to a sub, this is a sure-fire way to keep me in a highly sexual and Mistressy mood.

Anything that involves collars, leashes, restrictive wear (think CB, blindfold, cuffs, etc), whips, and kneeling is definitely up my alley. As much as BDSM is mental, I love the physical reflection of that inner feeling.

For anyone who has had the pleasure of serving me, they may know that I can be a strict Miss. I love what I've dubbed as the three Rs: Routine, Ritual, and Rules. Not only does getting to dictate the things one needs to do upon entering my house make me feel powerful, I also like to know my subs are paying attention and respecting me by remembering the things I have told them.

I try not to go extreme with the protocols (because I could!), but I write lists, require assignments at time, like to decide when my subs may enjoy physical release, and even like forms of playful submissiveness in public. But most of all, I think I enjoy thinking up punishments! Along with my rituals and routines comes punishment if you foul up...and with so many little things to remember, it's almost a catch-22 that my sub will. Did I mention I can be a bit devious at times?

There are the few subs who after a few punishments make it their number one priority to impress me and complete tasks without any errors...and they are rewarded accordingly.

I like to think that I am as playful as I am strict and all in all, but subs that can follow my lead and play along are the best!