Getting to know you

With a little under two weeks left for my sub-hunt things have started to pick up a bit for me.

I am definitely interacting with more submissives on and offline than ever before. Is it wrong to feel fucking womanly knowing I am chatting with at least seven twelve fourteen different potentials?

Though all this exploration has me wondering if there was a key element I have been ignoring up until now. I went out with nurse sub again for dinner and he was a perfect gentleman. His smile is infectious and we always have a good laugh-fest about random life happenings when we are together.

He's smart, he's funny, he's cute, he's respectful, he's independent yet I can still identify his submissive side.

So then, what is the problem you may be thinking?

It's that I am getting to "know" him. 

I am finding that the more I get to know a submissive the less I can see myself doing with them. My usual protocol is one initial meeting with no play and then if things click, we play on the next meeting. I have not been following that method very closely this year. Every sub I have met with so far I've had the preliminary "verify you're not a creeper" meeting and then we've continued on that way. We just keep meeting for drinks, dinner, movies, shopping trips, etc.

It's not that I want to completely objectify my submissives but I think our paths are leading to deeper connections that blocking me from wanting to do Mistressy things with them. This all came to me as a revelation as I was talking with nurse sub.

He had texted me before our meeting: "In the mood for anything in particular?"

I believe he was thinking of food but little did he know I was not, as this came only moments after I had lamented aloud how I wanted a boy at my feet while I worked. Once we arrived at dinner and began talking, I explained to him that his open-ended question had impeccable timing.

"You should have told me, I would've came over to sit at your feet or do whatever you needed," was his response.

But I instantly thought:
He works nearly 70 hour work weeks. Wouldn't he be tired?
Wouldn't he would rather have a relaxing day off instead of serving me?
How can I ask him to take care of my whims when he does that everyday for others?

These are NOT the thoughts I want to have about my submissives. Yes, I want to care about them as human beings but I also want to use them...I just don't want to use them. Trust me, I'm just as confused as you dear readers and it seems my big heart has struck again and is trying to prevent me from being the most of my Mistress self.

As nurse sub and I parted ways I told him, "Next time no dinner, well perhaps a small dinner...but definitely dessert afterward."

I'm so glad this is metaphorical dessert because I can't bake worth shit, but my paddle and I can whip any boy into shape!