Xdressing: Confusing fun for all

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending my first crossing dressing party. I've been to cross dressing events or shows in the past, but this was the first event where I was invited to participate.

A week prior to the event I tried desperately to find a way to strap down my 46DDDs. Duct tape. Extra small sports bras. Ace bandages. Saran wrap. But nothing worked. It seemed these babies were here to stay (as usual!). So I decided to figure out other ways to include them in my costume.

My last resort was to dress up as an old guy and include them as part of the prop belly. When I started to look like something out of Big Momma's House, I decided maybe I just wasn't cut out for cross dressing lol.

During one my search for tips and tricks of the trade, I actually ran across a website devoted completely to a phenomenon called "FemSkin". For those of you who are as clueless as I was, it is a full silicone body suit that a male can wear to give him a female shape and working parts. You can get the full suit, just top half, just bottom half (with a neat catheter type deal for you to urinate without removing the suit), or just the good naughty bits. At $2500 to $3500 these suits are for the hardcore. But I couldn't help thinking that they look as if they really could fool a few unsuspecting, possibly drunk victims.  

This was definitely a world where I was out of my element.

My original plans also included myself and sweet sub dressing as a deliciously slutty cheerleader but he was unable to make it so I coached the bf into coming along. In actuality, he was a bit more excited about it than I anticipated.

"Should I shave my arms or legs?" he asked eagerly.

To which I exasperated and rolled my eyes.

Once we arrived the party was well on its way. People were mingling and drinking.  We changed and I didn't feel too left out since I had opted for very minimal cross play in a tie and Fedora as we hopped into the groove of the party. I got into Photography mode as I snapped pictures of everyone posing in the play room. They are a very photogenic and camera friendly folk, I love it!

Several of the males also dressed up and it was scary how well some of them looked! But alas I don't think I've changed my feeling on seeing men in dresses other than for my amusement or punishment.

Hard as I tried to imagine everything under the dress my mind kept trailing back to the cut of the dress, or color, or hem lol. I think panties and uniforms are my limit on what I find as pleasing feminine attire on males...but it's always fun to play with every now and then.