Sex Toy Review: G Female Stimulating Gel

Recently I was approached to conduct reviews for the sex toy site TheirToys.

I mean really beyond hearing I'd get free samples of sexy toys and items, there was nothing more I needed to hear haha but I promise not to daunt you with an overflow of reviews...don't worry my blog isn't going rouge.

So, after looking thru a small selection of items I decided on the  
Love the container color!
G Stimulating Gel.

It contained all natural ingredients and promised to "improve female sexual sensation, arousal, and pleasure".

It's hard for me to believe an item can make me (or any woman) more aroused and this was no surprise when I secretly (to my bf) applied it while working on the computer. I waited for the "arousing" to consume me but it never really manifested.

Later that evening I applied it during a particularly engaging foreplay session. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by it's application. It was quick to apply (just put the clear liquid on your finger and rub on the clit) and the lubrication it provided was intense experience. It was cool at first and then a bit tingly; as if you had a breath mint in your nether regions. Once we actually got to the main event I did become aware of an increased sensitivity and that was definitely a crowd pleaser! They also have other speciality lubes available online.

Overall I'd use this product again, but to two squirts was more than enough to get the slip-n-slide motion going.