It had only been a week or so since our scene at the play party, the one where I made him cry.

The intensity correlating between his eagerness to gain forgiveness and my blatant hostility to forgive him made our next session even more raw.

I don't recall how things started. I just remember that one moment we were sitting on the couch and the next I was tying him to a pillar in my house. Wrapping his entire body from head to toe in rope. I secured his hands and feet in separate ropes and left nothing exposed aside from his penis and nipples. I saw him shift uncomfortably against the wooden beam knew I was happy with my ties.

I didn't blindfold him this time.
I know all about you

I wanted him to see exactly what was coming as I reached for the clothespin. I got close to him and rubbed his nipples until they were erect. He moaned in pleasure.
I have run you down into the ground  

I lowered my lips to his ears and whispered, "Tonight you're mine."

I took his most sensitive nipple between my teeth and bit down hard. He yelped. I quickly clipped a clothespin on each nipple, pulling them excessively hard in the process.
Do you have an opinion? 

I rubbed my lips across his and across his face and slapped it hard and then his thighs. They were already red from me repeatedly doing so earlier. He opened his mouth for a kiss from me but I turned my face away.
I'm living without you 

 I took his cock in my hand and began to stroke. All the while placing clothespins along his scrotum. He didn't move. I stepped back admiring his stiffness. I began flogging his thighs, his arms, the clothespins on his nipples and even his feet. He groaned and moaned and tried to turn away from the flogger but its tails snapped against his skin.

I went back to stroking him. He had his eyes closed when the paddle slapped down on his cock head. They shot open and he stared at me in disbelief. This was as rough as I'd ever been with his gentials.
I thought you were special

I continued paddling it until it looked like he couldn't take anymore.

"Don't come!" I yelled at him.

"No, no, I won't," he said breathlessly.

I asked him if he thought he deserved to come.

"I just want to come where you want Mistress," he answered.

I got on my knees (but not for what I'm sure he was thinking) and proceeded to bite his cock all along the shaft and then his thighs, the ones that had to be beyond tender after all their abuse.

"Ahhh, oh god, ahh," he yelled. I knew he was in pain and I liked it. 

"You acted like trash. Maybe that's where you should come," I threatened yanking his cock in the direction of the rubbish bin.

He squeezed his eyes shut, I'm assuming preparing for such. I squeezed him tightly in my hands. He grew harder. I took the flogger from where it sat on the ground and placed its handle against his windpipe pressing the back of his head against the beam. I pressed until I could see him struggling for air.

"You don't deserve to come on me any longer," I said softly staring him in the eyes.

"Do you want to prove to me how sorry you really are?" I asked already knowing the answer.

He struggled against the flogger handle nodding in agreement.

I dug my nails into his penis releasing the flogger from his throat. He breathed in and out gulping air.
Now you're here and begging for a chance 

"Do you?" I rose my voice and asked.

I swung the flogger down across his hard cock.

"Yes, yes Mistress," he struggled to say.

I flogged his penis again and again and again. I could hear the tails whipping the air on their way down so I knew they were stinging his skin but he stayed hard.

"You want my forgiveness? You can earn it by coming in a cup from now on. You will come in a cup from now on and drink it when I think you've learned never to lie to me again," I explained.

Before he could agree I walked away to get a cup and returned to stroke him. I did it much harder than I know he does himself. I kept going faster and faster until his pleas turned to whining then I would slow down but then speed up again. I kept bringing him to the brink until I was ready for him to come.

"Are you ready to come into this cup for your Mistress?"

He nodded and squirmed as I continued clutching his cock. I could feel him twitching beneath my fingers and knew he was close. I brought the cup closer and aimed as best as I could with one hand but it didn't all quite make it. He came some on my arm and I was annoyed. 

I put the cup down and grabbed the paddle.

I hit his penis.


"...on me!" I screamed at him.

I thought you were special,
I thought you should know 
But I've run out of patience,

I've run out of comments 

I couldn't care less
I'm looking for a new ...

The cup being half empty will now bear a new meaning to him.