White lies lead to red asses Pt. 2

I said the words more sternly than I had intended but I still enjoyed the effect of his wide eyes and immediate obedience.

He stripped down to his undies and stood before me hands neatly behind his back.

I looked down at the underwear disapprovingly over the rim of my glasses.

"You won't be needing those," I told him as I yanked them down around his ankles.

I had no patience for fancy rope work so I tied his hands together tightly leaving little wiggle room between the two and I secured him to the bench. He started to speak but I cut him off.

"The only words I want to hear tonight are sorry or the safeword. Understand?" I said.

"Yes Miss," was his quiet reply.

I tied the rope around his waist leaving a little bit of a lead so I could pull him around like a lost puppy. I directed him to the bondage table with the cage underneath and laid him down face up. I instructed him to close his eyes and he did as told.

I raked my nails across his legs and thighs watching his skin goosebump in the process. I did it again and again working my way up to his balls where I dug them in deeply causing him to let a small squeak escape. When he started to get hard I stopped and told him to open his eyes.

"All warmed up?" I asked.

"Yes Miss," he replied.

"Good, now follow me and get on that," I said pointing to the spanking bench.

"How do I get on there?" he asked quizzically.

I smirked at his newbie-ness but used his body as demonstration on how I wanted him to approach it. Once he was properly on the bench I grabbed a handful of his hair in a tight fist.

"I'm not going to go on easy on you," I said into his ear.

He gulped but didn't say a word.

I began biting his back and attacking his arms fiercely with my teeth. He flinched but stayed steady. I began pinching his nipples so tightly my fingertips turned white until he let out a yelp. I put my mouth on them and he thought he was getting reprieve but I took them between my front teeth and gnawed on them. This made him physically try to escape from my gasp but I bit harder as I grabbed his hair to keep him in place.

"Keep still!" I ordered him.

He went as rigid as a board.

I stood up and walked to get Bianca. I knew this was a time I wanted her at my side. He strained to see where I was but was unable to due to his secure position. Without warning I came up from behind him and smacked his bare bottom with the paddle. He said nothing. I increased speed and intensity quickly until you could hardly tell one smack from the next. He was breathing fast now and he hardly had time to catch his breath.

"This is what happens when you're dishonest with me," I spoke over the paddle.

"This is what happens to liars," I said as I switched to my dominant hand.

I spanked him hard. Harder than I had ever spanked him before. I looked at his face and his lips were pursed together tightly. He was taking all the pain I could give him.

I am the best thing that will ever happen to you.

I do not tolerate being lied to.

You don't deserve me or my feelings.

You will earn my forgiveness.

I took a break as my hand was stinging and his ass was reddening but I didn't stop torturing his body. The more I pinched, scratched, and bit him I whispered more personally affecting words to him. All of which I knew were hitting close to home emotionally.

"For three months you lied to me, three months! That's 90 days." I calculated verbally.

"Yes, Miss. I'm so--," he began to say.

"Bullshit! If you were sorry you wouldn't have done it. But now you'll be paying for it. You will take 90 spanks. Without whining, do you understand?" I asked.

"Yes Miss, I understand and I just wanted t--," he began speaking again.

"Shut up! I don't want to hear your excuses or ill-timed apologies right now. Just shut up and take what you deserve," I spat at him.

I pushed his head down. I didn't want him looking at me, he didn't deserve even that.

"Count them out," I commanded him.

I started at the level of firmness I had left off on and kept up the strength. He wasn't getting off easy. I had promised him (and myself) that much. With each slap his ass grew more and more red matching the scratch marks on his back. It looked a bit painful but I didn't care. I wanted him to feel pain and nothing else. He wasn't my boyfriend in that moment, he was the sub that was dishonest. He would see no leniency.

When he hit the 80s his body began to shake uncontrollably and he wasn't speaking as clearly as he was before. I didn't stop dishing out the pain. Harder and harder I hit him. He was rising slightly off the bench, trying to get out my reach but there was no where I couldn't reach him.

"And do 10 more just because," I said when we had reached 90.

I kept going without missing a beat (no pun intended) and as soon as I finished I saw why his body was shaking...

He was crying.

Full on tears streaming down his face. He was trying to muffle his cries but couldn't get himself together.

"I'm sorry Miss, I'm so sorry, I wish I had never lied. I don't deserve you. You are my everything and I ruined it. I'm so sorry...I'm so," he spoke between his cries.

I put Bianca down, pulled him off the bench and went to sit on the nearby couch. I covered him lightly with a blanket and held him in my arms. His hands still bound together, his head rested on my chest, his tears running down my breasts.

He just kept repeating how sorry he was.

"I'll never lie to you again Miss, I'll never hurt you again," he promised.

"I know you won't because next time I'm gone..." I said under my breath.