Could this be?

Today officially signifies the first day of my decision.
Yes, I have chosen a slave to consider training and beyond.
After months and months of looking I am glad that I have waited and was not swayed by empty promises, pretty faces, nice cars, or misguided servitude. Many things were considered in choosing my slave:
  • Stats (age, height, appearance)
  • Willingness
  • Obedience
  • Potential
  • ...and most of all Desire (mine and the slave's)
I am confident that my new slave will not displease me. He was happier than I imagined he would be when I offered him the task and that in return made me happy!
He has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, a cute but mischievous smile, and he follows instructions with vigor. Maybe Collarme isn't such a bad site after all.
....good things await us.