Throwing out the net...what fishies will I find?

So I've found a new site to look for submissives on.
Baring that the Craigslist thing doesn't work out (and honestly when does it ever?)

I have only been on Collarme for a few days but already my mailbox has been flooded with responses to my profile. I find it ungodly amusing that many of these pathetic men write me in an attempt to tell me they are exactly what I want. When in actuality they have not even read what I have specified.


It is not you. I want a man who will submit to me wholeheartedly and with an open-mind. I have had almost a dozen submissives and slaves, and one puppy bitch who I was merely co-training. I am quite experienced in my BDSM realm. My bedroom is my world and I am the ruler. What I seek is someone who understands this bond we share will not be merely physical. We may not have sex for days, weeks, or even months, if you are displeasing to me. This experience should encompass body, mind, and soul. That is the submissive I am looking for.

A man who realizes I am better at deciding what is best for him and that when in my presence he is there to serve me however I see fit.

My happiness for his happiness...