Lucky #26?

I asked my bf last night how many more orgasms he had left to give me before his time was up. He fumbled before answering hesitantly, "14?"

"No try again," I stated.

"12?" he re-tried.

"No, try again," I re-stated.

"Less than 12?" he asked. I corrected him and said "10."

I sighed. Clearly he was not keeping as close of track of my happiness as I wanted.

"Tell me how you feel about not coming?" I asked.

"It sucks," he answered honestly.

"But is it worth it?"

"Yes Mistress," he replied.

"Well make it 26 orgasms now, not 24. I've changed my mind." I announced.

He nodded in agreement. I am after all the Mistress I can change my mind whenever and however I want. He proceeded to work his newly 12 orgasms down to the original 10 in no time with a hot round of anal sex.

But 10 orgasms in just 5 days...he's cutting it close.