Your new favorite spot

I was sure that taking the birth control again would suppress my ever-constant libido as it did before but luckily there seems to be no sign of that.

I was feeling slightly tired last night when we crawled into bed but once I made the new bf strip down that feeling was quickly replaced by friskiness. I made him bend over my knee to receive spankings and his cock swelled with each slap.

"Thank you Mistress," he said without being prompted. This fueled me even more as I proceeded to shove him down on the bed.

"Stroke your cock now!" I said loudly.

He grabbed a hold of his penis for dear life and stroked.



"Slower," I issued commands swiftly and watched him obey carefully.

Occasionally I would lean down in the middle of him stroking to lick or suck the top of his cock causing him to groan in pleasure.

I pushed his hand aside and positioned him inside of my now very wet pussy and began to ride him fast and deep. I held his wrists above his head as I leaned down mid-ride to bite the flesh between his arm and neck. He bucked his hips as if he wanted me to stop but I continued to ride him even harder now.

"Please Mistress, please stop, I'm close" he begged. I lifted off of him.

"That's one." I stated. "Tonight you are only allowed to ask me to stop because you are close to coming three times, after that I will not stop." I continued.

"But...," he begin.

"Use your two stops wisely because you know what will happen when you ask me the third time?" I said wickedly interrupting him.

"Whatever you want Mistress," he said through deep breaths.

"Yes, whatever I want, and I do not want you to come, so you better get some control," I looked at him and said as I begin stroking his cock myself. Afterward he got behind me on command and begin to pump away, I could feel his balls slapping against the back of my pussy but as he started slowing down I wouldn't stop grinding my ass into him.

"Mistress, may I stop please? I am very close," he said after a few rounds like this.


"But Mistress, please I do not want to come because you do not want me to come," he stated.

I wiggled my ass a little more before sliding off his cock, which was now covered in my juices.

"Thank you Mistress," he said.

I proceeded to make him masturbate for me again and got out my riding crop to help steady him along. Then I switched up to going down on him. It was here he asked for his last "stop" to which I obliged.

"No more stops now," I said with a grin.

I rode him some more but could tell he was close. "Get my dildo since you can't be trusted," I ordered him.

"Yes Mistress," he replied.

He came back with my favorite 10-incher and proceeded to give me four orgasms with my good coaching (plus the one from a previous night at his place). The bed was soaking wet under me.

"You're such a good boy!" I complimented him.

"Now turn over on your stomach," I said. He did as he was told. I pressed his face into the wet spot, holding his hair tightly as I spanked him.

"What does that smell like?" I asked him.

"I smells good Mistress, it smells like your pussy." He responded.

This was the answer I wanted to hear. I swatted him a few more times before dipping his cock in cold water (I had told him no more touching but he just couldn't help himself), then I got a towel to put down on the bed.

"Where do you want me to lay Mistress? Here?" he said as he pointed to the towel I'd laid down on the wet spot.

"Yes, of course" I laughed lightly and said. "I'm not laying there."

"I would love to lay in your wet spot Mistress," he smiled and said before curling up next to me and falling to sleep.

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