slave Vs. Boyfriend

The epic theoretical battle that I've been fighting with in my head for a couple of months. If the two were liquids, they'd be oil and water. They are not meshing well.

Each has their own pros and their own cons.

The Boyfriend: The traditional beau. He'll woo you until he gets you (or gets you in bed), then it's back to "Mediocre Matt."

If you like guys who show up late, would rather watch sports than be with you, and will forget your birthday and any other special occasions then this is what you're looking for. He is mildly selfish and expects things to be at least 50-50 (but honestly, they never really are) and wants you to be interested in his hobbies without little to no disregard for yours.

He's great for holiday photo-ops, reliable sex, remembering your work schedule, showing off around your single friends, putting off creepy one-liner Kings at bars, and reaching things on top shelves.

Try being bossy with him and he'll tell his buddies you're PMSing and eye-roll at you behind your back.

The slave: A Domme's dream come true. Despite his best efforts he does screw up but instead of getting upset with him, you both understand some paddling to his backside will help him remember his place.

His main goal is whatever you are craving. One of his sole purposes is making and seeing you happy and he tries to do this by anticipating what you will need or want. Hot bath, foot massage, pussy worship, fixing dinner, he's on it!

When he humps you in the middle of the night and you don't want to deal with it, you scold him before putting on his cock cage and settling in for a good slumber, but best of all there's no peep from him.

As one dimensional as he is you are still surprised and delighted by his ever-constant submission.

As much as I love a man who doesn't question my authority, I also like someone who can make decisions when I ask. I want someone who massages my feet when I need it and doesn't tell me that they are tired. I like to be praised, wanted, and desired but when I want my alone time, I want my alone time. I want a boyfriend and I want a slave, preferably within one person. I am just worried how these two are ever suppose to merge? How are we suppose to ever go from just bf/gf to Mgf/sbf?