Lucky #24

The 3 hours of sleep I got last night before a long 12 hour day was well worth it.

As we (the new bf and I) slid into bed we were in our usual playful mood. He was whispering sweet nothings into my ear while I scratched my nails up and down his back just to hear him moan. Something about hearing a grown man moan just makes me weak in the knees. I reached down to feel his throbbing cock pressed up against me and he returned my touch to feel me already wet.

I wrapped my legs around his and pulled his hair as I sucked on his neck and he twiddled my nipples. Occasionally he would try to pull his leg away and I would tighten around it, my thighs acting as a vice grip.

"Where are you going?" I would ask teasingly.

"Nowhere Mistress," he would reply.

The rougher I was with him the more submissive he reacted until eventually he was kissing me all over my body. As he neared my womanhood I pressed his face fully into me. He paused, if only for a moment, probably because he is not use to me being assertive in this area. I am a very penetrative oriented woman, cunnilingus is a delicate art that must be performed very well for me to enjoy it. But, this didn't stop him from kissing the outside of my swollen lips.

"May I lick you Mistress?" he asked eagerly.

My answer was a semi-forceful shove to the back of his head deeper between my thighs. I squealed and squirmed with delight as he applied just the right amount of pressure to my clit. He tried to come up for air but I clamped down harder on his head and he continued to pleasure me.

When I finally decided he had satisfied my unusual need for a good licking I let him up. He breathed heavily but then took my toes in his mouth and begin sucking them one by one, working his way from sucking back to kissing up my legs to my mouth.

He laid next me still feverishly tweaking my nipples and playing with himself before I removed his hands from his cock.

"Would you like to come inside me next month?" I whispered into his ear.

"What? Yes, of course but why next month, why not tonight?" he asked shocked before he had time think out the answer.

I have just started on birth control again purely for the fact that I want to feel him explode inside of me. I have mentioned this but I am sure it slips his mind as he is always in the midst of being horny.

"November is a good month. But, how many days are left in this month?" I asked him.

He thought for a moment, "I dunno Mistress, like 26 or something."

"24," I corrected him.
"There are 24 days left in this month. If you can give me 24 orgasms before November 1st, I will let you come inside of me," I told him, a smile creeping on my lips.

"Okay Mistress," he said kissing my thighs again.

"But, if you come then the count starts over again," I informed him.

"So no coming for me...okay I can do that Mistress," he responded.

From there he proceeded to fuck me properly in the ass. I am a sucker for anal sex. It gets me very wet and sometimes I am able to come with a hard dick pounding away. He pumped with the periodic slow down-and-pull-out method to keep himself from the edge but managed to make me come four times.

Well that's four down, only twenty to go!