All I want for Xmas...

Dear Santa,

I know I've been very naughty this year but I'm sure you can cut me some slack (as you have in the past). As hard as I try I just can't seem to get this whole "good girl" persona down and frankly I don't think I want to! I know, I know I should have more remorse for the bad things I've done, the spanking, biting, slapping, name calling, kicking and more but those guys deserved it!

As it stands I still have my wishlist that I am passing on. I'm sure you'll give me whatever you think I deserve...that isn't a lump of coal!

1. Wrist Length Latex know in case I can't find my paddle to spank with.
2. O-Ring Gag...for those perfect shots in the mouth.
3. Trojan Magnum Condoms...just in case I need some for my extra large friends.
4. Prisoner Belt...for the equally naughty boys.
5. Feather Roses...a rose without thorns, sounds delightful.
6. Thigh Spreaders...for those hard to reach places.
7. 2009 Male relive the year the way it was meant to be, not the way it was.
8. ...and some DVDs would be nice too, but I understand if there's no room for these.

Thanks fat man!

Miss L