Well it definitely broke...my past relationship with my last slave turned bf. We spoke briefly on New Year's Eve but really it was more empty words without actions.

Thus, I've decided to start the new year off proper. A lot of amazing changes are taking place (or about to) take place in my world and I am excited for the change. One thing I am orcastrating for the coming months is finding a new slave. No looking back, no do-overs. I will not be returning to a vanilla or BDSM relationship with my previous slave/bf no matter how much he or I want to. It just isn't healthy.

So, as it stands I am on the prowl again...for a new slave. I hope to find the things I often seek in the men I love to train and own: willingess, experience, open-mindedness, and an unconditional desire to experiment within our means.

I'll be sharing my experiences with any new guys who think they can handle this Mistress.

Hopefully more to come!