It'll only hurt worse if you...

Miss L finally stopped being anti-social last night and headed out to the city for a night with some fellow BDSM fans and kinksters alike. It was my first meeting with the group so I brought along my most trusted entourage members: the fiance and my best male friend. It's funny to see my man in these situations as even though he isn't into BDSM his natural curiosity peaks and he can't help but be his friendly self, ensuring that the conversations he gets himself into are always interesting to say the least.

This group was a lot different than the last group I went to with sweet sub as the members were relatively around my age. I didn't see one woman who could have been my grandmother and don't think I saw any over-the-top older men. Yay for a target crowd!

I settled in quickly as there were people there whom I have been talking with via FetLife or otherwise for years to more recently who I had yet to meet face-to-face. Nice surprises all around. They were a friendly bunch of folks, not at all stand-offish and generally open to any questions.

One boy (he is in all rights a man but he was such a hug-able size that in my mind he's a boy) really stood out for me. He's a Dom but is ever so adorable and just screaming: "Collar me! Spank me!" At least that was my internal monologue whenever he got near me for hugs. If he were to ever want to bend over for me all he'd have to do is name the time and place. Oh and did I mention he has amazing hair for tugging? Long and blonde...Mmm.

Attending the meeting was suppose to help quiet the cravings I had. At least murmur it for a time but I think it actually ramped it up! I found myself in mid-scratching, getting massaged randomly, squeezing butts, and all but licking some people who stopped by my table to chat. I'm so naughty sometimes.

Contrary to popular belief you aren't suppose to picture others naked to calm your nerves for an adverse affect of the giggles. But trust me, there was no giggling when picturing everyone naked, just sheer heated desire.

Mental note: It was a good idea to leave the riding crop at home!