Rent due in $pankings

I know I've been mentioning lately that the economy is really taking its toll on me. Unfortunately, my photography (BDSM and otherwise) only provides so much income. Hence the reason I have finally broken down and found a roommate. Yep. I am losing pretty much all the privacy that I currently have in exchange for renting out my living room. My apartment only consists of four rooms: living room, bedroom, kitchen, and I am essentially giving up 3/4 of my apartment. 

I have rented out the living room and will be sharing the bathroom and kitchen. For what it's worth my new roommate seems like a decent and chill person...I'm just hoping that I'll be able to last with such limited privacy for the 5 months that they'll be here. I've been scrambling around the house trying to gather all the naughty things that I can find and trying to figure a way to muffle the spanking sounds that usually echo from my bedroom. But one thing I just couldn't take down was this: I couldn't get rid of it all. Sheesh!