Wishlist Wednesday

I've realized that I spend a lot of time mindlessly surfing the net to look at the newest, most tantalizing, sexy items that I can find. I decided to share some of my favorites. I've named my lineup "Wishlist Wednesday"

Posture CollarI have a special place in my little Mistress heart for collars. Something about seeing any subbie of mine in a collar just gets me going. There's nothing like knowing that with one tug he'll be at my feet. I've been especially been drawn to the posture collars because I like their restraining ability and what it'll mean for getting a sub's attention.

Dildo/Strap-On Harness
So far in my years of practicing BDSM I have never used a strap-on on a sub. Crazy I know! This is a been a growing curiosity of mine that I can't wait to fulfill. I'm looking for something very similar to this harness.

Slut Paddle
Every slut needs to be reminded of their status...which is under my toe! I love this paddle because it's the gift that keeps on giving long after I've stopped spanking.