23 days later

I was horny as fuck.

It had been 23 days since I last had sex and for me that seems like a lifetime. 

I woke up horny, went to sleep horny, had intense sex dreams and then repeated the cycle. It was maddening and it was driving me crazy.  

But the dry spell has ended. I just wanted to let the world know that women DO get horny. We do want to fuck anything that walks by with a pair of balls. We do start to fantasize about the cute waiter. We do dry hump various items around the house. Oh yes women, I have outed us...given away another one of our dirty little secrets haha.  

All the waiting I did was worth it. I got to have sex with the one person I have been dreaming about: my former. We are going to try dating each other exclusively. I'm happy...but I am also cautious (for now anyway), as I'm sure he is. We don't want to make the same mistakes and I know we don't want to disappoint each other. This time we are going to take things slow. I'm going to focus on working on us as people and as a couple before I integrate any BDSM back into our relationship. It will take time to build the trust back but I'm more than willing to put in the effort.  

Last night when he stayed over we just hung out and enjoyed each other. We both wanted to do some BDSM things but tried to veer away from it. Eventually he begged me to try on the CB-6000 and I said no at first but gave in. I tried to contain my giddiness as we slipped it on his cock. I laughed out loud at all the trouble we were having because every time we got the device close to his cock, he would start to get hard. I had to stop touching is cock all together and make him think of random things as opposed to me sitting there half-drunk and fully naked. Once the device was on I secured it with one of the plastic locks; the kind that are mainly used during traveling to sneak thru metal detectors un-noticed. 

We agreed the metal lock was a symbol of permanence and this was just to test out the device. So, the plastic lock it was. He looked wonderful in it! For the first 10 minutes he was walking funny, as this is the first time he had worn a chastity device but he quickly got use to the feeling. It was all I could to do to keep from staring at it and taking in all its glory. We sat and talked for a while before he had forgotten that he was wearing it. He decided not to sleep with the CB6K and that was fine with me. All in all it was a good night. I hope that our time together continues on this path. It's the first time in months that I have felt that we are moving forward and in a direction that seems headed for improvement.
Horoscope of the day:
You may be feeling a bit confused today, dear Aries, and it may seem as if the wind has suddenly been taken out of your sails. Don't get discouraged by the slow weightiness of the day. Take this opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries. Do a bit of inward reflection as opposed to outer-directed movement. The most valuable lesson you need to learn is patience. Get started on this lesson early and remind yourself of it throughout the day.