Wishlist Wednesday #2

I've realized that I spend a lot of time mindlessly surfing the net to look at the newest, most tantalizing, sexy items that I can find. I decided to share some of my favorites. I've named my lineup "Wishlist Wednesday"

Nipple Clamps & Cock Ring
This is an ingenious idea! The harder your puppet gets the more pain he'll receive. This is a device definitely designed for the ever-needing masochist. It almost takes all of the fun out it for the Mistress...almost.

Spandex Hood

Generally speaking I don't use hoods. I somewhat dislike them. I find them a tad scary. Especially the ones with spikes and leather *shudder* But, this one was non-threatening and playful enough for me to enjoy at least aesthetically. I think the material helps as much as the mouth being large and not containing any zippers.

Liquid Latex
Ahh, the endless joys of liquid latex. I've never played with this myself but have stood by in awe as others have. There's something semi-innocent (remember painting in grade school) coupled with complete kink that makes this tantalizing for me.