"Know Your Mistress" test results (Week 2)

This week writer sub went thru training to better get to know me. I believe it is a crucial part of a healthy D/s relationship that both parties take the time to reveal themselves as people. While titles are fun and great for establishing the guideline of your partnership, without well-rounded people behind them, they are merely that, just titles.

I provided him with a study guide filled with random facts and tidbits about myself and my preferences. Throughout the week I also gave him various tasks such as designing me an ideal dinner with recipes he'd choose, incorporating certain types of speech in his daily dealings, finding and reading me erotic stories, etc.

Today was his test. He was given a 25 questions test and extra credit questions (as I was feeling generous) and told he had 20 minutes to complete it.

As always a score lower than 70% will result in repeating of the weekly training.

Nailing two of the three extra credit questions...

-What is Miss L's bra size?
-What is Miss L's favorite sexual position?
-What is Miss L's tattoo of?

...brought him up to an adequate score of
Total Score :       92/100         Pass

Congratulations writer sub, your Mistress is very pleased! 

Next week is Skills & Crafts...goodie!