"Skills & Crafts" test results (Week 3)

For his third week writer sub was put to a more comprehensive test. He was taught a series of skills and crafts thru video, demonstration, and reading. It was his objective to not only be exposed to these skills and crafts but to also retain the way they were taught and expected to be repeated in their exact (or near exact) manner. The sections were longer and I felt this was a more common sense test so only one section could be missed for a passing score of 80%:

SKILLS: Cleaning
Living Room

X SKILLS: Massage  
Demonstrate techniques shown in video on Mistress L for 15 minutes

SKILLS: Cooking/Baking
Successfully complete baking recipe so that it is edible and enjoyable

CRAFTS: Sewing
Complete pot holder for Mistress L

Complete decoration and personalization of a small wooden storage box

He only missed one section due to lack of time but made up for it by answering all extra credit questions correctly for his final score:

Total Score :        95 /100        Pass     

Congratulations writer sub!! Keep up the outstanding work. Next week's training is sure to be a fun week =)