What's mine is yours???

Owning a slave is much like owning a bike. You don't just loan your bike to anyone. Maybe your sister (after insistent begging), your neighbor and your best friend. I did the latter. I let my friend play with my slave last night. 

She had begged and begged and since I was feeling nice I decided "What the heck?" The evening started off carelessly enough, eating out, light drinking...I was sure that they didn't like each other because they weren't interacting much and my friend being the brass sass she is stated that my slave smelled like he "bathed in his cologne" (it's the scent I often mention that I adore). 

But he brushed her off thankfully. Perhaps he won her over by paying her bill or downing four beers as she would've but by the end of dinner things seemed lighter. We drove back to my place to prepare for the duel Domme session. For all intent purposes my friend is a switch. She claims to be a sub but she enjoys delivering pain almost as much as she enjoys receiving it. That night she was honing in on her dominant side. She asked me if I would blindfold him because his eyes were 'too pretty' to look at while she would be whipping him. A thought I've often had but am slowly but surely getting over.  

I prep/pep talked my slave before anything started. I let him know that he didn't have to do this, there would be no assplay, and that he could use the safety word at any time. But his only response was "I will do this Mistress".  

And so it began...

I tied him to a chair in the bedroom. He sat there blindfolded, God knows what going thru his mind. I told him that he was to show the same respect to my friend as he showed me (he was to refer to her as Queen and me as Mistress), use manners, and again that the safety word was the only thing that could help him. She immediately placed the clothespins I had so absent-mindedly suggested on each of his nipples, his light moan got my blood flowing a bit. I began a combination of biting and kissing all along his thighs as she pinched the clothespins tighter. 

She whipped him in his chest and he said, "Thank you Queen". I tied his feet together at the ankles and began biting his neck as she continued to whip him, further down his body now. After a few moments I told him to stand and then get on all fours. This is when her Domme side really came out. As she took the whip I had given her and begin to what I can only describe as 'punish' his back. I crawled underneath of him and put two more clothespins on his nipples. 

He exerted the moan I loved hear once more. "Thank you Mistress" were his only words. I slid out from under him and took one of the ice cubes we had in the room and began rubbing it on his back where red marks were already starting to appear. I handed my friend the leather paddle I had, in hopes that he would be subjected to less pain but it seemed the paddle gave her more power. She begin paddling his ass beyond a bright rosy red until he had said it was too much. 

She backed off slightly but did not stop.  


Her paddle slaps made a rhythmic almost hypnotizing sound. I broke the cycle by telling my slave to beg for more. When we were finished spanking him I ordered him to the bed. It was there we played with his cock and I clipped a wireless vibrating nipple clamp to his balls. He took to this very well. I had been meaning to shave my slave's chest and this seemed like a good time.

"I am leaving you alone with Queen slave, you are to listen to her" I announced as I left the room I heard a faint almost fearful "Yes Mistress".  

In the bathroom I counted as I got the water, razor and shaving cream ready. I promised myself not to leave my slave alone longer than 120 seconds but as I quickly approved 97 in my head I realized I might have been too late. When I walked him I could hear my slave moan and see his body arching up. My friend was scratching his entire chest area. 

As I came closer, even in the darkly lit room I could see that she had left a trail of where her nails were in his flesh. 

I tried not to focus on it much but whispered in his ear "You know the safety word" to which he nodded. I turned on the razor I had and it made an overly dramatic buzzing sound. My slave flinched...and rightfully so.

"Do you know what this sound is slave?" I asked over the humming.  

"No Mistress" was the most he could muster. I informed him that I would be shaving his chest. I would be shaving a letter "L" into his chest hair to remind him that I owned him. 

Even with my friend still scratching his stomach he remained very still as I shaved him. I sat on him before leaving and ordered him to say 'Thank You' to my friend. When he didn't say it loud enough I slapped him in the face until he did. When I returned after cleaning up the shaving items he was even more red. I wanted to kiss away his pain and so I began kissing his thighs and legs and stomach.  

"You know a slave is like a bicycle" I said to my friend after kissing his legs. 

"You've fucked up my ride," I stated motioning to my slave's chest.  

She giggled and replied," Ah come on, you baby him too much".  

Now my slave laughed with her. "Let's see how you like some pain" I said as I slapped her jean clad ass in an instant with the paddle I held in my hand.  

She squealed, unexpectedly. "And no one said you could laugh" I told my slave as I slapped his bare ass with the same paddle.  

I went back and forth slapping both their asses simultaneously. Her squealing, him moaning. I wondered in my mind if just two asses counted as a "spankfest" but they seemed to enjoy it. Somehow the evening started out with two Dommes and a slave and ended up with one Domme, a slave, and a very vocal sub. I like to think that's not a bad night by most people's standards...but I am not sure how often I will be lending my bike to my heavy-handed friend...not at least until my bike is all healed up.