Pack your bags ladies and gents

I saw my slave tonight (as do I most nights) and he was all smiles. That's one of the things I adore about him; he always has a very disarming smile on his face. So, after some training...he made the bed, rubbed my feet, kissed all over my body...and then we began our ritualistic talks. We covered many topics but somewhere along the way 

I happened to ask an interesting question: I asked him what he would do if I were to move to another state. After some thinking he said he would come with me. I reminded him that he had friends and family here and if he moved he would not have those. He said it wasn't that important. 

Then he said: "Would you take your car if you moved?"

"My car?" I asked confused.  

"Yes your car Mistress, would you take it if you moved?" he asked again.  

"Well yes, of course" I said quickly.  

"And why is that?" he asked.  

"Well I would need it" I said.  

"Exactly, and you own it. It is yours. You own me and I would be yours to take" he responded matter of factly.

I love when he says things like this to me. It is just a small kernel of devotion that reminds me that he is mine. I do own him; mind, body, and soul.