Is it forever yet?

I never knew that five minutes could feel like an eternity but as he kissed all along my body, stamping those little, perfectly placed kisses that I had come to enjoy and bathe in, that is what it felt like...a five minute eternity. He started with his lips at my lips and worked his way down slowly and carefully, to my neck, trailing down to my shoulders, then my bare back, next my hips, and then all the way down until he reached my toes; all the while I lay there with my eyes closed soaking up the zen-like feeling that washes over me whenever he completes this selfless act.  

I said to him, "I think it's been 5 minutes." To which he replied with a small laugh, "You think I was really going to just kiss your body for 5 minutes?" and he continued to cover me with his lips. They felt like tiny butterfly kisses giving me chills. I wanted to be pinched. To know this wasn't a dream. But I knew it wasn't. 

I had asked him to pinch me days ago when we made up. Yes, we made up. I appreciate everyone who wrote me with kind words and bad jokes during the time I needed friends. I hope to return the favor if any of you need it. We didn't make up as much as he forgave me. I am still forgiving myself, it will take time but I am sure it will happen. He forgave me and I was smiling inside. I don't know fully what made him decide I was worth another chance but I am honored. I have promised to be more open and to try harder at making things successful this time.

No lies. No secrets. No boundaries. We are both no longer going to hold back how we feel. Love is not something that should be hidden anyway.

I promised with words what I would do. He signed his contract in blood. As shocking as it initially was it did convey his seriousness about me. 

Blood oaths and the blood brothers concept (which actually started among large groups) was very common in ancient Mediterranean Europe where, for example, whole companies of Greek soldiers would become as one family. A Mistress and her slave are one family as well.