Wednesday Weirdness #56

WW #56
Questions by:

1. If your boss says, "I would like to talk to you about your internet usage" what would your first reaction be? I would think "Fuck! That's what I get for checking my blog so much..."

2. If you SO asks you "Does this make me look fat?" how do you answer? I'd usually respond with a joke, but tell the truth in the end. If only because I would want the truth if I asked.

3. What is one thing that you pay for, but resent having to do so? Rent. It's much more than I'd like to pay but I really love my apartment. *sigh* The eternal struggle continues.

4. A day is being created in honor of you. How should we celebrate it? By getting fucked up and having crazy drunken sex tales...much like some of my past weekends.

5. What CD or Album in your music collection do you secretly enjoy, but would be embarrassed if others heard you grooving to it? Kelly Clarkson. Don't. Even. Ask.

6. How long do you think you would last if you were a contestant on Survivor? I'd like to think long, but in all honesty probably about 2-3 weeks. I often go to my cellphone for help; directions, movie play times, a nasty rash on my leg...hello WebMD, flat, bored...text some friends. I am inexplicably a slave to my Blackberry.